"Once again, you've demonstrated great flexibility at short notice for us. This most recent project has emphasised to me that we made the right choice selecting you for our translation needs. Thanks for the effort."

Software localisation project (24 languages)


"Our German BDM is very happy with the translation overall and thinks the quality is much better than that of the other agency we used before."

Datasheet translations (French, German)


"It's been a pleasure working with you on this project - many thanks for all your help, and your ever-helpful approach and quick response. I'm very glad we tried using a different supplier from the one we'd used in the past!"

software localisation project (10 languages)


"You were certainly the most responsive and quickest of the agencies recommended to me so I will definitely be back in touch for the next release."

marketing texts (fr,de)


"Many thanks for your quick turnaround!"

Letter text (Spanish)


"That's phenomenally helpful, and above and beyond the remit."

Marketing translations (Russian, Polish, Turkish)


"Thanks, prompt service very much appreciated."

Urgent email text (Russian)


"Brilliant thank you very much. I really appreciate your swift response as always."

Marketing text (French, German, Brazilian Portuguese, Japanese, Simplified Chinese)


"Very impressed with the speed and ease of dealing with SOFTtalk"

Website (Spanish)


"Congratulations! You have found a Swede that produces correct translations, understanding the terms used, translating them beautifully and very nicely writing a text that is just bloody awfully superb! What a difference! I have not read it all - but I found no (yes, absolutely ZERO) things to complain about on a ten minute browse."

Brochure text (Swedish)


"Considering this was my first experience with the translation process, I am very pleased with the outcome."

localisation work (French, Italian, Spanish, German, Dutch)


"Perfect translation. Credit where credit is due. Relationships with suppliers are sometimes difficult so it's nice to say well done for a change."

user guide (Italian)


"I'd just like to say I am always impressed by your professionalism and fast turnaround on these, much appreciated."

press releases (Dutch, Polish, Finnish, Swedish)



"These lower quotes are a nice surprise, thanks very much."

localisation work (fr,es,it,de,jp)

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