In today’s world, it is vital to think with the whole world in mind. There is unprecedented scope to work on a global scale. Communication and travel have never been easier and your marketing strategy needs to reflect this. By thinking globally, but communicating with local markets, the world is in your hands.

Technology products sell the world over. It is important to seize the opportunities that global markets can offer. Whether you’re looking at Western Europe, Eastern Europe, the Middle East, Asia or any other parts of the world where there are people wanting new technology to improve their processes and productivity, SOFTtalk Translations can help.

The term “localisation” is typically used when applying one culture's rules to another country. It means not only translating a source text to another language, but also adapting concepts to suit a local market. We have been localising technology products for 20 years, so are well aware of the pitfalls involved and how to avoid them. We can help you through this process to ensure that your products have the best possible chance of success the world over.

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"The German was absolutely fantastic and they were delighted with the outcome, particularly impressed with the way the translator grasped the idiomatic expressions. Good job all round I’d say!"

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Get in touch and we’ll show you how to think global, but speak local…

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