Nov 27 2013


Cute cats could be key to learning new languages

Amusing photos of cats may provide hours of entertainment for people browsing online but can they be used to help people remember things?

One app developer thinks so as he explains to the BBC how cute cat photos can improve people's memory function when learning languages.

"We wanted to know what kinds of visual mnemonics were most effective at helping people to learn fast," says Ben Whately, chief operating officer at Memrise.

"The pattern began to emerge that pictures of cats always featured disproportionately among the most effective," he says.

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Nov 08 2013 SOFTtalk

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A story on the BBC News website on 25 September 2013 suggests that all UK citizens should know at least 1,000 words of another language.

"The project went well from my point of view – thank you for working out the most efficient and cost effective solution."

user manual (satellite navigation company), 15 languages

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