Software translation and localisation

In early 2008, a software company based in Austria contacted SOFTtalk to help with localisation of one of their products. During that year, we localised both software and manuals into a number of European languages. We have since been involved in several further updates with the full product still available in the existing languages. Over the last few years the relationship has developed and SOFTtalk has taken on the additional role of providing software localisation support for several additional languages, mainly European, but also including Asian, South American and Middle Eastern languages.


"Congratulations! You have found a Swede that produces correct translations, understanding the terms used, translating them beautifully and very nicely writing a text that is just bloody awfully superb! What a difference! I have not read it all - but I found no (yes, absolutely ZERO) things to complain about on a ten minute browse."

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